Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Why Addiction Recovery is more successful in Luxury Facilities

Have you ever wondered why Addiction Recovery is generally more successful in luxury facilities? A few decades ago, people might have thought that rehab in luxury facilities is just all about getting VIP treatment and bigger rooms. After years of successful recoveries, however, the word “luxury” might actually be a misnomer. This is because these facilities have what it takes to ensure successful recovery from substance addiction. You no longer just want these programs—you need them if you want successful Addiction Recovery.

The big rooms do help

Why should someone who made the choice to get better be punished with depressing rooms and rehab programs that spell t-o-r-t-u-r-e? In luxury Addiction Recovery facilities, clients are treated with utmost respect because that’s what they deserve. The rooms are spacious, so the total rehabilitation experience is never an unpleasant one. More importantly, the programs are streamlined according to the needs of the client. Detox is carried out as gradually as possible so as not to trigger horrid withdrawal symptoms.

After that, everything from the recreational programs to the counseling sessions is designed to meet the specific needs of a particular client. Nothing is overlooked. Should the client wish to slip in hours for work, luxury Addiction Recovery facilities also make this possible. Most of these facilities have their own business centers because they understand that for their high profile clients, life outside the center simply cannot wait.
Privacy issues

Most of the time, Addiction Recovery attempts are put off because the client or his/her loved ones have privacy issues with rehab centers. After all, when you sign up to a public facility, tongues are bound to wag, and this simply won’t do for CEOs, celebrities, and other high-profile clients. It might seem superficial to put off someone’s health needs just to save his/her reputation, but for people whose very careers depend on good reputations, this makes perfect sense.

With luxury Addiction Recovery facilities, you can be sure that you are getting top-of-the-line treatment for your addiction without risking your privacy. Every single staff member of these luxury facilities are bound by privacy clauses in their contracts. These facilities are also situated in the most secret yet heavenly spots across the country, so if you are being hounded by the press, you can be sure that you’ll be left in peace while you are with them.

Patient-to-doctor ratio

Another advantage to choosing a luxury Addiction Recovery facility is the fact that you won’t be clamoring for your doctor’s attention while you are here. In most luxury rehab centers, there’s even a one-is-to-one ratio between patients and doctors. You’ll be given your own rehab coach to make sure that you stay on track with the program, and you can be sure that every single aspect that’s triggering your addiction is taken note of. Aside from their strong outpatient support programs, luxury rehab centers succeed because they give this level of care which cannot be matched by more public facilities. If you want complete and successful Addiction Recovery, you won’t waste time anywhere else.

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